Sunday, 2 December 2012

Slot ini sesuai digunakan untuk minggu orientasi.
NAME OF ACTIVITY : Activity 1 (Name game)
Communication – English Language Standard : Listening and speaking skills
INTEGRATED STRANDS PSE 2.2.Menunjukkan semangat dan sifat positif
CONTENT STANDARD BI:1.2 : Listen to and understand meaning of simple words
LEARNING STANDARD BI 1.2.5: Listen to and repeat greetings BI 1.2.6 Listen to and repeat verbally to greetings.
TEACHING MATERIALS CD Happy Birthday music, CD Player
1. Pupils sit in a circle holding hands.
2. Teacher introduces herself / himself, “ My name is -------“
3. Teacher then sings a song using her name;
“My name is ----------. My name is ------------. “ to the tune of Happy Birthday Song) 4. Teacher repeats the song several times.
5. Pupils start introducing themselves one by one using the same tune,
“My name is --------“, My name is ---------“
6. Pupils form two circles with the pupils in the inner circle facing the pupils in the outer pupils.
7. Pupils in the outer circle sing and introduce themselves to the friend facing them.
8. Pupils in the outer circles move in a clockwise direction to face a new friend. Continue to introduce self until all the pupils have introduced themselves.


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